Photoshop Tutorial-1


What is photoshop?

Photoshop is a raster(pixel-based) and vector-based image editing and graphic design software. It is mostly used by web and graphic designers and also used by photographers, photoshop artists, image manipulators, video game artists, and advertising designers. Its uses in many works like:

  • Website Mockup Design
  • Logo Design
  • Advertising Banner Design  
  • Business/Visiting Card Design
  • Letter Head Design
  • Book and Magazine Cover Design
  • Background Design
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photo Retouching 

Many other works can be done through photoshop.

How to create a file in photoshop

First to open photoshop

Click on File

Click on New

Use of a Shortcut key:

When you open photoshop, you press Ctrl+N

Then Now Open This Type Window

When opening the window you set up a file:

  • First, give the title(name) of the file in the upper block(first box) of the window.
  • The second block(Second box) give many presets that use in photoshop directly.
  • After you select any preset in photoshop third block(size box) enable then you select any size of a file according to your requirement.
  • In, photoshop you create own custom file according to your requirement. The fourth block set width size of a file and unit of width size.
  • The fifth block set height size of a file and unit of height size.
  • NOTE: You set the height size of a file differs from width size of a file but If you select differs unit of height size of the file from width size of a file then unit and width size of a file automatically change.
  • The sixth block set the resolution of the file and unit of resolution like pixels/inch, pixels/centimeter.
  • The seventh block set the color mode of the file like bitmap, grayscale, RGB Color, CMYK Color, etc and bit.
  • The eighth block set the background contents of a file and Background contents are three types White, Background color, and Transparent.
  • Now you set the advanced setting of a file:
  • The ninth block set color profile of file.
  • The tenth block set the pixel aspect ratio of a file.
  • At last click on the OK button to create a photoshop file.