Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy page gives information to our users and visitors about :

  • Collection of your data
  • Publication of your personal information
  • Use, maintain and security of your data
  • Third-party websites

We use your data to improve website features and services to our users and visitors.

Collection of data:

When user/visitor use our services, they provide personal and non-personal information through the various section on this website. We collect this information to build a better website to our user/visitor.

Types of Data:


When users/visitors visit our website that they use our comment section area, and contact us page. They use your personal info like email id, first and last name. We collect your personal info through the comment section and contact us page. We powerfully discourage our users to give any sensitive information through many website sections.


When a user connects with our website so we collect some non-personal info like:

  • The name of a web browser
  • Info of computer and operating system
  • Information about your internet service provider
  • Other technical information.

Use of data:

We collect data from our users /visitors to improve our website features and services that provide through this website. If any problem faces our users and visitors on this website, as a result, we fastly solve that problem to give a better user experience.

Third party website access:

When a user/visitor use our website third-party website links may be found on our website that links from our partners and advertisers. The links connect to other websites that have separate services and privacy policy. We do not take any responsibility to use their services. We give advice to users and visitors to use their services after reading the website privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy For Children:

We highly suggest to parents and guardians attention towards your children when they use the internet. They use the internet under your guidelines. Our children’s privacy policy does not offer services to children under the age of 13. If any child under the age of 13 gives any personal info to our website and parent and guardian known this thing so they immediately contact us. We remove personal info of your child from our website.

Security of data:

We tried hard to prevent and protect your data from unauthorized access, and from any illegal activity on the website. We protect publication and destroy your personal info.

Sharing of data:

Our website does not give any kind of information about our users/visitors to any person, other third-party websites and organizations. We always respect the privacy of our users and visitors of this site.

Update in Privacy Policy:

If We change any services that provided through the website then we update in our privacy policy.